Grobo One Grow Box

The easiest way to grow plants indoors

Grobo One Grow Box

The easiest way to grow plants indoors

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Growing plants indoors is easy as 1, 2, 3

icon of a hand holding plant seeds to grow in the Grobo grow box
Plant your favourite seeds in
the Grobo One.
icon of a hand using the Grobo app to select the best plant growing recipes.
Tell the Grobo One app what
you planted.
icon of the grow box making it easy to grow plants indoors.
Sit back, relax, and watch your
plant grow!

Grobo One does all the work for you

Grobo One Hydroponic Grow Box
    • Watering & Nutrients

      Hydroponic system automatically gives your plants the right amounts of water and nutrients needed to grow.

    • Door Lock

      Keeps the door sealed, ensuring that your plants are always thriving in the perfect interior environment.

    • Fluid Glass

      Switches from transparent to opaque. See your plants, but also give them the darkness they need to grow.

    • Photon Lights

      Specialized LEDs give your plants the perfect amount of color and light for optimal growth.

    • Carbon Filter

      Any smell your organic matter might produce is filtered away.

    • Wi-Fi Enabled

      Wi-fi connectivity sends real-time information to your phone so you always know what's going on.

What plants can you grow with the Grobo One?

tomatoes, beans, peppers
growing basil
basil, oregano, rosemary
growing medical cannabis
medical cannabis, chamomile
growing purple kale
kale, wheatgrass, arugula
cluster of strawberries growing
Strawberries, dwarf lemons, hot peppers
Orchid flowers growing
Grow any plant of your choice!

So simple, it fits right into your busy schedule

Grow Like A Pro

Start growing by simply picking a plant recipe from our database. No more guesswork required!
Grow Like A Pro

Ready For Harvest Sooner

Thanks to Grobo One's optimized LED lights that mimic sunrise and sunset, your plants grow faster and healthier than ever.
Ready For Harvest Sooner

Worry Free

Tell the app what you planted and then relax. Grobo One's hydroponic system will monitor your plants and make sure that they're always watered and fed, even while you're away.
Worry Free
  • Stay Connected With Your Plants

    Stay Connected With Your Plants

    Track your plant's growth, get real-time information about its condition, and be alerted when it's ready for harvest.

    Stay Connected With Your Plants
  • ​Important Stats at Your Finger Tips

    ​Important Stats at Your Finger Tips

    Easily see the target water quality, temperature and humidity both inside and outside Grobo One.

    ​Important Stats at Your Finger Tips
  • ​More Data Than Ever Before

    ​More Data Than Ever Before

    ​With a full set of data from every sensor, you always know how well your grows are going.

    ​More Data Than Ever Before