Grobo One Grow Box

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Better plants, healthier living.

At Grobo, we use scientific methods and data-driven approaches to help you grow better, faster and healthier plants. It's the easiest way to grow, and the smarter way to live.

Grow your food or medicine, worry free.

What can you grow in Grobo?

The possibilities are endless.

So simple, it fits right into your busy schedule

Set it and forget it

Tell the app what plant you're growing, and Grobo One will take care of the rest!

Ready for harvest sooner

Get a faster, higher-yielding harvest thanks to Grobo One's precise nutrient dosing and LED lights that mimic the sun.

"Super cool product!! Just looking on the internet for an easy grow system and all I find are grow tents and junk, then I stumble on Grobo. Wow, what a beautiful product!"

- Kevin

"Growing in the past is very messy and complicated. I'm not interested in that. I wanted easy, clean, and simple. Grobo One is a great fit for me."

- Jennifer

"Super excited for this. I already reserved one!"

- Cory

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