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How much is Grobo One?

When can I order Grobo One?

What is included in a Grobo order?

Where can I see a Grobo One in action?

Growing Questions

How many plants can a Grobo One grow?

How do I setup my Grobo One?

How much medical cannabis can I grow with Grobo One?

How much maintenance will Grobo One require?

How does Grobo One’s watering system work?

How long does it take for a plant to grow?

What can I grow with Grobo?

What kind of growing media does Grobo One use?

Where can I buy seeds?

Is Grobo One smell proof?

What kinds of nutrients should I use?

How do I order more nutrients?

How much can I grow with Grobo?

How often do I have to water it?

Technical Questions

How big is Grobo One?

How much power does the Grobo use?

What kinds of light does Grobo use?

What is the difference between HPS and LED lights?

App Questions

Is the app free?

Can I access the app if I don’t have a phone?

What operating systems is the app for?

How many people can control a Grobo One?

Does Grobo need a wifi connection?

What happens if I lose my wifi connection?

How much data will the Grobo unit use?