6 Benefits of Becoming Vegetarian

Autumn has officially sprung and October is National Vegetarian Awareness Month! If you’ve been thinking about "going green" or changing up your diet, now is a good time to do it and become a vegetarian.

Transitioning to vegetarianism isn’t as difficult as you think, and to help you on your way, here are six benefits to becoming a vegetarian.


Benefit #1: A Healthy Heart

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the number one killer of women. "Fatty red meats and many processed meats are high in saturated fat, which raises cholesterol and increases the risk of coronary heart disease.”

So the benefit of cutting out meat from your diet gives your arteries and heart a break and, in turn, it helps lower your cholesterol.


Benefit #2: Improve Your Mood

Ever hear the saying, “you are what you eat”? There’s a lot of truth to that! If you eat fatty and heavy foods regularly, you may feel sluggish and become tired a lot faster.

A 2012 diet study split participants into three diet groups: all-meat allowed, fish-only, and vegetarian with no-meat.  After two weeks, results showed that the people on the vegetarian with no-meat diet reported better moods than those on the other two diets.

So becoming a vegetarian helps with improving your mood, which is great for you because you’ll feel a boost in your energy level and concentration during your days.

"Test reports show that people on a vegetarian diet report better moods than those on non-vegetarian diets." [Click to Tweet]


Benefit #3: Avoid Becoming Overweight

If you’ve been wanting to lose weight by changing your diet, then cutting out meat and becoming a vegetarian will help. Research shows that vegetarians tend to be leaner than those who eat read meat and have a lower body mass index (BMI).

If you exercise two to three times a week and become a vegetarian by cutting out red meat, you’ll fast track your weight loss in no time.


Benefit #4: Stand Up to Animal Cruelty

If you love animals, then becoming a vegetarian is a conscientious decision to say no to animal-cruelty. Millions of chickens and cows are caged, pumped with steroids, and slaughtered every year, just so you can have it served to you as a steak dinner at a restaurant.  

The U.S Humane Society states that if you cut out meat just once a week, 1.4 billion animal lives are spared each year. Now that's doing good for animal rights!

"If you cut out meat just once a week, 1.4 billion animal lives are spared each year!" [Click to Tweet]

Benefit #5: Save the Environment

Numerous studies show that the consumption of animals is one of the largest reasons for the environmental issues we face today.

From the production of methane gas, to cutting down forests to create more pasture space, to carbon emissions emitted during the production and transport of meats. Environmental problems exacerbated by the consumption of meat is a huge, multi-faceted problem.

By cutting down on your meat consumption, you’ll be helping the environment and doing mother Earth a huge favour!


Benefit #6: Eating Healthy is Fun!

Becoming a vegetarian is simple and fun! The sacrifice isn’t too hard to do once you get started, and there are lots of delicious alternatives to meat. The fun part is that it’s all about you changing your lifestyle to becoming healthier. There is nothing more exciting than improving your quality of life.


So what can you do to get involved in National Vegetarian Awareness Month?

Not ready to take the plunge by becoming a strict vegetarian? No worries! There are so many things you can do to get involved. Here’s a list of activities you can do to spread the word about National Vegetarian Awareness month that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and are a ton of fun:

  • Invite some of your friends over for a veggie potluck. Everyone brings whatever they want, except it can’t be meat-based. Pastas, sandwiches, salads, and vegetable soups are great ideas and so easy to make! 
  • On social media, post a Facebook or Twitter status about National Vegetarian Awareness Month.
  • Don’t eat meat for one week.
  • Once a month, go to a vegetarian restaurant and treat yourself to a meat-free meal with some friends or your spouse.


So there you have it, cutting down on meat and adding more vegetables to your diet is beneficial not only to yourself, but to the whole Earth! Have you recently become a vegetarian and want to share your story? Let us know your story and feel free to tell us about the benefits you’ve found!