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Grobo’s Story — The Search For Better Food and Medicine

Grobo’s Story — The Search For Better Food and Medicine

Three years ago I enjoyed my first homegrown lettuce, tomatoes and basil and was instantly hooked. They took months to grow and seconds to consume, but these vegetables were easily the best ones I had ever tasted. Their enchanting aromas, perfectly imperfect appearances, and vibrant flavours are unmatched by any grocery store produce… and I wanted more.

This simple start was the catalyst for Grobo, a company dedicated to improving people’s health by directly connecting us with what we consume.

With this new found desire for home grown food, with the cold Canadian winters coming, my next step was to move my garden indoors to continue enjoying this delicious food. With no good solutions on the market, I set out and built my own mini greenhouse out of wood and painter’s drop clothes. It took days of research and building, but eventually I had built a system that fit in my living room and would grow plants for the next 4 months.

The first Grobo prototype: A large wooden frame covered with painter's drop cloths
The First Grobo Prototype

The design was far from perfect and it performed that way too, but the idea sparked the interest of friends and family and that’s how development of Grobo officially began.

We started with Grobo Pods, a modular growing system, and the idea was simple — design a growing system that allows so that everyone, regardless of time, space and knowledge restrictions can grow their own fresh food to enjoy a healthier life.

Image of Grobo Pods sitting on a kitchen counter growing food.

Grobo Pods - a modular, tabletop growing system


After a year and a half of development we had built a team, won some funding and Grobo Pods was almost complete… but something had changed. Throughout this time, many medicinal cannabis patients had asked us if we could help them grow their medication. We were also sacrificing the performance of Pods to keep costs down which was not what we wanted for ourselves or our customers.

Image of the first Grobo grow box prototype
February 2016 Prototype


As a result, in January of this year we started over, and redesigned Grobo from the ground up to make it the absolute best growing system for both food and medicine. With our team of six, we moved to Shenzhen, China to participate in HAX, the premier hardware accelerator in the world, and build prototypes faster than ever before.

Over the pasts months and years, we have grown hundreds of plants across our designs and we spend every day fixated on finding better ways to naturally improve the way that we grow plants.

After years of development, the launch of Grobo pre-orders marks the first step to making the highest quality food and education available to everyone.

We hope that you join us on this mission and we can’t wait to see what you grow!

Image of the Grobo team sitting on a staircase.
Bjorn and the Grobo Team

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Nov 16, 2016 • Posted by Kerry Callander

Hello Grobo Team, your story is very interesting especially including the move to China to advance your technology and your product. Your unreleased product looks very promising in certain aspects. It has a beautiful design which is sleek and modern and the fact that the color of the light inside it also changes makes it even an even more alluring product. After watching your promotional video, I also strongly believe that the product does indeed create an extremely optimal and adjustable environment capable of growing a multitude of plants healthily and efficiently.

However I believe there are a couple of concerns with the product and your mission statements regarding the product itself. “So that everyone, regardless of time, space and knowledge restrictions can grow their own fresh food to enjoy a healthier life” is a great testimony, but how much healthier will you actually be able to make people? The product in its current state is quite small and doesn’t seem to be able to hold many plants inside it. If I can only grow a single tomato plant or a single marijuana plant, how much product am I actually growing inside my Grobo? Obviously it varies per plant and usage. So let’s say I want to grow a tomato plant to eat with my meals. How many tomatoes will the plant produce and at what rate? I assume the optimal growing environment will stimulate growth and produce more than a plant grown in a much less controlled environment. How many tomatoes will I be getting per month, just enough to put them on one salad per month?

If I were to grow a marijuana plant, how much consumable cannabis is actually harvested? Obviously my main concern is how efficient this product is at returning my investment. If the amount of product grown is too small, it ends up more less becoming an elegant furniture piece or decoration. With marijuana becoming legal in more places, this product looks absolutely perfect for the cultivation of marijuana plants, but I’m afraid it would just not yield a satisfactory amount of product. I feel that if you could implement your technology on a grander and affordable scale, it would be much more worth the investment.

The Grobo looks incredible and is a cutting edge indoor growing device. I would love to one of these in my house as I should show every single person that came over and share with them the plants that I have grown inside it; so long as I had enough to share. I hope I was able to spark a few thoughts through this “comment”. I wish you guys the best.


An Interested Customer, Kerry

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