About Us

Hi there!

Welcome to Grobo! Three years ago, back in 2014, we started on a journey to make it easy for everyone to grow plants at home. As someone who loves the vibrant flavours of home grown food, I was frustrated by the short growing seasons in Canada and by how much time it took for me to grow anything. Grobo started as a simple DIY project to build an indoor greenhouse for myself, and quickly became something bigger as friends kept asking for their own systems...

Today we have an incredible team of brilliant and passionate designers, engineers and developers working hard every day to help everyone grow their own amazing plants. Led by my co-founder Chris, this team continues to push the boundaries of technology and horticulture research to bring our customers the best possible product. 

From the health-focused to the hot pepper lovers, and the strong medicinal cannabis patients battling PTSD, cancer and more, you are what motivates us on a daily basis. Our systems are made with love, in Canada, for you to enjoy, and we can't wait to see what you grow!

Happy growing,
- Bjorn and the Grobo Team