April 2017 - Product Update

Over the past months we have made many improvements to Grobo One so that it works better and is easier to use. These are the main differences you will notice:
 The redesigned Grobo One
1. New Door Design
We have completely redesigned the door to make it more secure, remove the risk of shattered glass, and to reflect more light back to the plants so that they grow faster!
2. More Growing Height
We have added 6 inches (15 cm) of growing height inside Grobo One so that the total growing height is now ~32 inches (81 cm).
3. Smaller Coco Pods
Our new coco pods are less expensive to ship, easier to swap out between grows, and they help the plant's roots reach water faster to improve how fast it grows! 
4. Better Nutrient Cartridges
Our new cartridges are more reliable, less expensive and use less plastic than the previous designs. You can easily pop them in and out without any mess!